Portrait Subjects Wanted !


I’m looking for London subjects for an exhibition opening in October exploring the relationship people living with long term invisible conditions (both physical and emotional) have with their pets. I’m looking for diversity in all its forms to get a really rich depiction of what it’s like to live with these conditions.¬†Participants must be comfortable talking about the impact this has had on their lives as I will be conducting short interviews to accompany the portraits.

Please send a phone photo of yourself (a phone photo will be fine), what pet(s) you have and the area of London you live in to Naomi.Woddis@btinternet.com

If no reply by Friday August 25th please assume you have not been selected. Thanks in advance for your interest.

_DSC7908 Kitty


2 thoughts on “Portrait Subjects Wanted !

  1. Hello, Naomi,
    Your cousin Carole directed me your way. I only wish I still lived in London and already had another dog. Sadly, when I left my chap last year in Crete, I couldn’t bear to part my dog from his daddy and I miss him hugely. I could say so much more!
    I wish you much luck with the project.

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