Re Issue – What a Dog Sees

Photography, Poetry, Re Issue


Photograph – Copyright Dan Wesker 2010

What a Dog Sees

in a puddle of water
is not just his reflection
but the barks of other dogs

their yelps falling
in new rain
splashing a dance
in pre-breakfast air

other paws muddy with joy
off leash

then tilts his wet nose 

towards sky
and buildings

some have bad people in them
they do not feed his brothers
and steal the wag
from happy tails

what a dog sees
are the circles
by those on two legs

lack of courage
over cooked meals
unanswered telephones

so much water
and the memory of almost drowning
in his puppy paws

head cocked his ears
a net to capture
all this human chatter

and wonders what this world
would want
with all this talking

Poem – Copyright Naomi Woddis 2010


Re Issue – How Still a Body

Poetry, Re Issue

How Still a Body

I grew up in Nigeria with my grandmother.
One dawn two armed robbers were caught
in the act. Local people set on them, beating
them with whatever came to hand.

A large crowd gathered around the thieves.
One had survived the beating, blood poured
into his eye. In a deep gutter, the other
robber lay, his body bloated from the heat.

And then I knew this is how still a body
looks when it is dead. Today I heard

that in Urdu, the word for yesterday
is the same as the word for tomorrow.

And I panicked at the thought because
I could not imagine what my world would be like
if the words for then and now were the same.
Twenty years have passed since I saw

that stranger’s corpse. I keep walking this earth
hoping that home’s door will open up to me.
These words draw a circle leading me back
to my grandmother’s house; a ceaseless dying. 

© Copyright Naomi Woddis 2008

Inspired and taken from answers to the the following questions:

What image illustrates the true nature of time ?
Describe the first time you saw another person’s blood ?
What does the word home mean to you ?